Ferritic stainless steels

Ferritic stainless steel flat rolled products and strips

(EN 10088)

Ferritic stainless steels (ferritic structure) are iron-chromium-carbon alloys in which the chromium values are between 16 and 28%.
The mechanical characteristics of these steels can be increased to a limited extent by subjecting them to the same cold deformation processes which bring about work hardening (drawing, rolling, etc.).
Their wear to resistance is considered to be good.
These stainless steels are the ones that are least suitable for use at low temperatures.
Weldability of conventional ferritic stainless steel is mediocre. Resistance welding (spot welding and roller welding) is the most suitable welding process.
Weldability improves when moving to other structural, stabilized types with low interstitial content.
They are well suited for cold deformation.


Heat exchanger pipes, distillation towers, car mufflers, cutlery, pots and pans, decorative household objects, washing machine drums, car accessories, cookers.