Austenitic stainless steels

Austenitic stainless steel flat rolled products and strips

(EN 10088)

Austenitic steels are particular chromium-nickel alloys which feature chromium contents varying from 16 to 26% and nickel contents from 6 to 22% besides generally having a very low carbon content, below 0.1%.
Austenitic steels are insensitive to brittle fracture and useful for low-temperature uses.
Stainless steels can be easily welded to other stainless steels and to common carbon steels.TIG welding processes, plasma arc welding, MIG and resistance welding are all particularly suitable for stainless steel.
Excellent processability especially for cold deformations and machine tools.


Food, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, naval and aeronautic industries; excellent for welded appliances of even considerable thickness; also for furnaces, boilers and burners.