Decorated / painted / coated stainless steels

Austenitic/ferritic stainless steel flat rolled products and strips

COLOURED / ANTI-FINGERPRINT (Gavinox specifications)

It is a special product realized on a stainless support with an anti-fingerprint coating. Thanks to its aesthetic properties it is used in very many industries such as the household appliance industry, in service facilities and, especially, in innovative architectural constructions. Anti-fingerprint steel is manufactured on an AISI 304 and/or 430 stainless steel support with satin finish and/or Scotch Brite finish.
Upper side coating: 8-10 micron thick polyester paint base (upon request a temporary polyethylene adhesive film for protection)
Lower side coating: foamable back coating (3-5 microns thick).
Removal of fingerprints, easy to clean, resistant to the environment and aggressive agents, heat resistant.

Decorated steel

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